50 ideas for better Sheffield
50 ideas exhibition

1. Architectural centre for Sheffield (X)
2. Make the whole of South Yorkshire a national park (X)
3. Interactive ways of learning about heritage (X)
4. Housing on top of the supermarkets (X)

5. Development of studio and community space clusters to resist gentrification of an area (X)
6. Art projects to generate discussion about city development (X)
7. Self-built cooperative to housing as a way to empower homeless people (X)
8. City-wide television network to records and broadcasts actions and opinions of the people of Sheffield (X)
9. Sheffield City Airport as a holiday destination (X)
10. Restoration of one of the Park Hill flats to be used as visitor centre (X)
11. Art to inspire positive sustainable changes (X)
12. Instigation and analysis of past live projects for the better future practice (X)
13. Digital notice board as a regeneration tool (X)
14. Un-used resources to be shared online (X)
15. Wildlife & Leisure Corridor along River Sheaf (X)
16. Castle Market as a space of production, consumption, exchange and distribution (X)
17. Leisure / adventure park at Parkland Springs (X)
18. New outdoor classroom for £135 (X)
19. Documenting skills and techniques of manufacturers (X)
20. Knowledge Transfer to help community groups (X)
21. Food growing in underused urban spaces (X)
22. Carparks for leisure activities (X)
23. Public engagement during construction (X)
24. Bramall Lane to host regular market (X)
25. Better interaction between workspaces in the public realm (X)
26. Revealing the back-of-house at Sheffield Botanical Gardens (X)
27. Elevated Tree Walks in Endcliffe Park (X)
28. Extended events programme for Edcliffe Park (X)
29. Two markets for Sheffield (X)
30. Emporiums in empty shops (X)
31. Green Food Map for Sheffield (X)
32. Compost toilets for allotments and outdoor events (X)
33. Broadfield as Sheffield’s Eco-quarter (X)
34. A city centre community growing space to encourage political discourse (X)
35. Chamber / classical music space in Nazarene Church (X)
36. Digital tools to interpret and present the city (X)
37. Better navigation on Lansdowne estate (X)
38. Facilities along river Don for active leisure (X)
39. Wetland upsteam of Rotherham to reduce flood risk (X)
40. Waste disposal strategies for council-owned flats (X)
41. Development trust with an asset base to guide area development (X)
42. Young people developing their neighbourhood centre (X)
43. More innovative and multi-functional small constructions in the city (X)
44. Restoration of Abbeydale Picture House (X)
45. Archiving facilities for communities (X)
46. Meanwhile landscape initiatives which develop over time (X)
47. Creative projects in vacant properties (X)
48. Studio accommodation from vacant garages (X)
49. Sheffield High Line (X)
50. Greener urban spaces with DIY planters (X)

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